PitchWars 2016 #PimpMyBio

So, spoiler alert, I’m not actually a 59-year-old man with a beard. Or a Jedi (yet). But I do want to say hello to my fellow mentees and the mentors (and anyone else who happens upon this page)!

A little about my writingI write adult/general market thrillers and suspense and am currently working on my fourth book (with more ideas for future ones). Two books (including the one I’m pitching) are complete, one is working its way through the editing process, and the last I’m writing. I have been writing since I was 8, but I’ve been writing with the intention of publication for about 3 years.

A little about me: I am a disaster recovery planner, where I literally think up worst-case scenarios and then help the business plan for them. It’s amazing. In fact, the book I’m pitching started with a scenario my coworker developed a few years ago. I’m married to another author, and we have two cats and almost a thousand books (yes, we counted) in a small apartment in the middle of the city. My husband and I are complete nerds/geeks/dorks (all of the above). We have attended Comicpalooza three times, cosplaying twice for it, and we take it super seriously.

(That’s me as Scarlet Witch this year, hanging out with some Jedi. I really like Star Wars. And Marvel. And all things nerdy.)

Why I’d be a good mentee: I’m extremely committed to my writing, and I’m willing to work hard to get there. Everything I do is preceded with lots of research, and my works go through several rounds of revisions before I even consider querying them. And because of this, I am not afraid of critiques. I’m also incredibly persistent and dedicated (read: stubborn), which should be proven by the fact that I’m working hard to be published.

I am also hyper-organized, with an unhealthy (according to my husband) obsession with to-do lists, sticky notes, and Excel spreadsheets (that last one might actually be an addiction). That means, unless something completely unexpected comes up, I’m on top of deadlines. My heart actually gets all a-flutter checking things off my list.

About my bookThe Grudge is a standalone thriller that has the potential to be part of a series similar to James Rollins’s Sigma series. It features an NYPD task force focused on technological threats. The main (main) character is Matt Carter, homicide detective, who loves technology, comic books, and sarcasm which hides his insecurity about leading this new team (and later in the book, trusting a partner who has betrayed him before). He and his team investigate an electrical substation that has been shot down, because, if eight other substations like it are taken down, the entire US would lose power for 18 months.

It’s 81,000 words and has been through my revisions, my husband’s, my writers group, and beta readers. I’m submitting it to #PitchWars because I want the chance to work with someone who can help me bring it that extra step.

Some of my favorite authors include Lee Child, James Rollins, Steve Berry, Joseph Finder, and Harlan Coben. I also adore the Pendergast series by Preston & Child. I’m currently reading Nerve by Jeanne Ryan and freaking loving it. My favorite TV show is a tie between Castle and The Office.

My twitter handle is @NWilson31.

That about wraps it up… I think. Best to end with a Castle gif before I go.

And a Firefly one, for good measure.

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