Drummer with a Robotic Hand

After an electrical accident took Jason’s arm, he thought his drumming career was over. Then a scientist at Georgia Tech, who already had a band made up of robots, devised a prosthetic arm for Jason. But the arm was no ordinary prosthetic. It has a “musical brain”.

The arm is able to play music on its own. It also allows him to play with two drumsticks in one hand and play faster than any human hand. Robotic musicians had existed in the Georgia Tech scientist’s world, including Shimon, an eight-armed robot that plays the marimba. Now, Jason travels with the band, adding the human element to the music.

Read more at:

Curiosity: https://curiosity.com/memes/jason-barnes-drums-with-a-musically-programmed-robotic-hand-curiosity

Georgia Tech College of Architecture: http://www.coa.gatech.edu/news/robotic-prosthesis-turns-drummer-three-armed-cyborg?ref=curiositydotcom

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