Performing Surgery with a Robot

As our technology advances, our medical needs are being met with higher and higher precision. We’re finding cures for diseases, creating vaccines for new illnesses, and even performing surgeries with robotic arms. The benefits of these remote surgeries can be seen right away in things like specialized doctors potentially being able to operate from another city, but they also help correct a doctor’s shaking hands. It also opens up the possibility of operating in areas where there isn’t room for a full medical facility, like on military battlefields or in space.

However, this doesn’t take away from the potential downfalls. As with all technology, one has to worry about cyber-criminals hacking the system in the middle of a surgery, or losing internet connection. As I’m typing this, my own internet connection has gone down twice. And, the biggest concern for every modern advance: cost. Cutting-edge technology is expensive because not a lot of people are making the tech and the materials and production are expensive, so the prices stay high.

Read more about robotic surgeries here on Popular Mechanics:

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