When the Colorblind Can Hear Colors

A brain implant and an antenna on top of his head allow Neil Harbisson to hear colors. Harbisson has been colorblind all his life–not just with certain colors, but all he sees are gradations of gray. With this new technology, he can perceive colors in a whole new way.

As the “eye” of the antenna passes over a color, it transmits vibrations through the skull implant and into Harbisson’s ear, effectively letting him “hear colors”. Even cooler, he can sense colors that even the rest of us can’t, including ultraviolet and infrared!

Read more about the implant on Medical Daily: http://www.medicaldaily.com/pulse/colorblind-artist-neil-harbisson-hears-color-wearable-technology-implanted-skull-340880?ref=curiositydotcom.

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