The Grudge

Nine downed electrical substations are all that stand between the United States and power failure for at least eighteen months. One is attacked by robotic snipers that bear the Russian Armed Forces insignia, yet the Russian government denies involvement. An old high school rival suspects more, and he calls NYPD Detective Matt Carter for help.

But when more of the nine start falling, Carter and his new technological task force are launched on the case. Without knowing the next targeted substation, Carter’s investigation leads him to question his own government’s participation – and in order to stop it, he has to trust some people who have proven themselves deceptive.


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Progress update

100 %

Plotting: done!
Outlining: done!
Writing: done!
100 %

Editing: done!
– My first pass: done!
– Beta readers: done!
– Writers group: done!
– My last pass: done!

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