Flash Fiction Celebration

I’m a little behind, but, in celebration of reaching 1,300 followers on Twitter, I decided to have a different kind of party. Instead of posting cute pictures of cats or emojis of balloons and hearts, I asked for three topics and word counts so I could write a few flash fiction pieces. I received several options, so I went with the first three. Thanks to Rachel, Courtney, and Anna for the options!

Resiliency – 10 words

Submitted by Rachel Rainey @RachelDRainey

Jerry felt his bruised chest. Andy laughed. “Get over it.”

A hot dinner gone cold – 100-200 words

Submitted by Courtney Kae @Court_Kae

What a waste. Maria dumped the now-cold chicken and vegetables into the trash. She’d come home straight from work and cooked Rick dinner–all so he could let it get cold. And he couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the damn phone.

She scraped crumbs off the plate under running water.  A worry overtook her, and she shivered. She hoped her husband was okay. But of course he was. She shook her head, trying to ward off the unpleasant thoughts of why he was late home from work. It was past 9 pm, and he was always home by 6. No, he was just being selfish like always.

The doorbell rang as she slipped the plate into the dishwasher. She dried her hands on a towel and hurried as the doorbell chimed again. “Coming!” she called. Rick must have forgotten his keys, so now she’d wasted her time cooking dinner and let him inside.

When Maria opened the door, her breath caught and she stumbled back. Rick stood in front of her, but his face was bloody and his eyes glazed with death. A man stood behind him, wearing a cruel smile, and said, “Am I late for dinner?”

“Isn’t this slightly illegal?” “No. It’s very illegal.” – 100-200 words

Submitted by Anna Humphrey @afhumphrey

“Isn’t this slightly illegal?” Joseph asked.

“No,” Rachel said. “It’s very illegal.”

They tiptoed down the hallway, their footsteps lightly echoing off the walls. He was glad Rachel accompanied him. He needed a friend.

He’d never seen the house so empty. Between their kids and the birthday parties, the house he’d shared with Julie, his now-ex-wife, had never been quiet. He wondered which side-man from their marriage she was out sleeping with.

“Where is it?” Rachel asked.

He hesitated. As much as he hated Julie, and as much as he wanted his grandfather’s clock back, this was breaking and entering. He wasn’t sure if it was stealing since it was his clock, but that was a fine line. And the worst thing he’d ever done was cheat on a third grade math test.

But he was already inside.

“The living room,” he said.

They kept the lights off. He reached above the vanity for the clock and grasped the edges.

Then the lights flicked on. Julie. And she wasn’t alone. A man stood next to her, but he wasn’t well-dressed like all of her flings.

It was a cop. And his gun aimed at Joseph.

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