It’s 2017!

Another year has flown by, and now it’s 2017. The year of the fire monkey. The year of the ultimate Treat Yo Self escapade. The year Skynet attacks in Terminator Genisys. The year of the writer.

2016 Accomplishments

Looking forward to 2017 is great, but it loses some of its charm by rushing past 2016. I had goals for last year, too, and it was a busy year for me!

  • Deception: I edited my first book again. I feel like it’s a much stronger book now and can hold its own against my other books.
  • The Grudge: I finished all edits and began querying it out to agents.
  • Captured: I went through my own edits and have received my final round of comments from beta readers.
  • By Blood Alone: I plotted, outlined, and drafted all of this book.
  • I learned how best to use Twitter as an author, wrote a blog series on it, and then delivered a presentation at a Mystery Writers of America meeting.
  • I attended three writer’s conferences and got great feedback from agents and information from the speakers.
  • I participated in Pitchwars for the first time, and, though I wasn’t selected, I learned a lot from both the mentors and other mentees.
  • Between Pitchwars and the conferences, I met new awesome writer friends! Several of them are even my critique partners or beta readers now.

2017 Goals

I hope 2017 is a bigger and better year than 2016, because my goals are getting close! And I’ve got a lot planned for 2017!

  • I will have three books in the querying stage by April: Deception, The Grudge, and Captured.
  • By extension, I’ll have finished all of my edits for Captured.
  • I *should* have all edits finished for By Blood Alone right about December!
  • I’ve already picked out my next book, which I will have plotted, outlined, and drafted by the end of the year.
  • My husband and I will be attending two major writing conferences.
  • And, because it seems so fitting for the upcoming few years, I will be rereading one of my favorite books, 1984. I plan to read 60 books this year, which blissfully includes graphic novels and audiobooks, both of which I got really into in 2016.

With all of these writing goals, plus managing work and a family, and making time for video games and poetry, it’s shaping up to be another crazy year, but I’m so excited to see what this year holds!

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